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The Mystery of Opt Ins

So it has come to our attention that after our recent switch to forms there is some confusion surrounding opting in on promos. First let me start with why we switched.

  1. Privacy. Forms give you the opportunity to opt in without anyone except the admin knowing that you did.
  2. Keeping the group wall organized. The old way every time someone would comment on a post it would bump that post to the top of the page. This way we can better control what is seen first in the group.
  3. Ease of work. This is the biggest reason. Our group has more than doubled in size which is great. However that means the work load has doubled as well. The old method took quite a bit of time and management from multiple admins. The new method puts all the information we need into the same place making things run more smoothly and quickly. This means more promos from our current sellers and more time to pitch to new sellers.

So now that you know why we have switched let’s talk about what you can do to optimize your chances at being picked.

  • Fill out the form correctly. If you can’t complete the opt in form we can’t trust you to leave a quality review. Now I don’t mean spelling errors and such. I’m mean you didn’t use the correct opt in phrase or left a section blank
  • Do not be on the late list. (You will not be picked)
  • Friend Sonya Eden. Seriously here is the link to her profile:   If you are not friends with her then we can’t add you to the chat and give you a code.
  • Leave quality reviews. This does not mean 4-5 stars. It can be one star if that is what the product deserves. I’m talking about leaving 150+ words before disclaimer. Always leaving a disclaimer. Making sure to use proper grammar and correct punctuation.
  • Lastly the reviewing community has grown tremendously. Sellers are looking for more than just written reviews. People who opt in with extras and follow through will ALWAYS get priority. That’s just what it has come to if you want items free or largely discounted. **To clarify on social shares as an extras** it is for your own safety that you do not share your reviews to social media or have your Facebook profile linked to your Amazon. When opting in to do a social share this means making a Facebook post with the link to the product, not your review.

So I know that is a lot of information and we want everyone to have a great reviewing experience, so please comment with any questions we are here to help. I’m attaching a photof with an example of what we are looking for in a review. Things such as pros/cons and personal experiences make the review more helpful and relatable. Which is good for your rank too!



Launching Gold Star Reviews!

In an effort to showcase some amazing reviews written by our members and products offered in our group, we will be posting what will be called the Gold Star Reviews.

What are the Gold Star Reviews? They are the most outstanding reviews written by our members on select products. All personal information will be kept anonymous to protect the privacy of our members.

Who would want to read these reviews?

  • Our members: You’re going to want to pay close attention to these and keep an eye out for your reviews! It’s always nice to see that you are doing a great job!
  • New members or those who want to earn a Gold Star Review: Carefully read the featured reviews for inspiration and tips on how to create the most outstanding reviews.
  • Sellers: You will be able to see examples of some of our top reviewers. This will give you an idea of what to expect when working with us.

So what do you need to do to get a Gold Star Review?

  • Honesty
  • Correct spelling
  • Proper punctuation and grammar
  • Always including a disclaimer
  • Writing 150+ words before disclaimer
  • Including pictures and/or videos

Now as always we pride ourselves on following ALL Amazon’s TOS. That means if you write an honest review that has 3 stars or less and meets the above requirements, then it too has a chance at earning a Gold Star! Even reviews that may be considered “bad” by some have great value. Reviews of all star ratings can qualify because they are all important in helping customers decide whether or not they want to spend their hard earned money on the products that we review!

Does Leaving Seller Feedback Contribute to Being Wiped?

Does leaving seller feedback contribute to being wiped? Some say yes…and it’s scaring people. I’ve actually already written an article on seller feedback, what it can/should include, and what NOT to put in it. The purposes of it.
It has come to my attention that there are articles and email warnings going around claiming that leaving seller feedback on promo items “WILL” get you wiped.
The thing is that no one actually knows that. There are very few things that we know for SURE contribute to being wiped.
We know for sure that lying in your reviews can and will get you wiped. We know that making things sound even a little better than they are can get you wiped. We know that connecting your facebook to amazon and being friends with a bunch of sellers can trigger being flagged.
The reality is that everything else is theory. The admin team of Honest Dragon Reviews theorizes all the time, and we work based on our theories…just as every group does.
It is up to you, each and every one of you reviewers to theorize yourself. You need to study and read and understand things for yourself…and make up your own mind.
Are you in a group that requires you to write 4+ star reviews?
Have you given a review item more stars than you really think it deserves?
You have probably already done it at least once…nearly every reviewer has at one point or another. Move forward with integrity and honesty. Study…read for yourself. Do what you think is right. Participate in groups that have the same values that you have, and make up your own mind.
Here’s our article on Seller Feedback for more information on it:

Seller Feedback

Seller feedback is an important part of the reviewing process. Product reviews only go so far when it comes to making or breaking a seller. The feedback that sellers receive from customers is crucial to their ability to succeed. Honest Dragon Reviews is of course all about honesty. Please do not take this the wrong way and use our group as a place to bash products and sellers. Good sellers deserve good feedback!
Seller Feedback Can Include Details About:
  • The packaging of the product (Not how Amazon boxed it up to be sent to you, but the design of the seller’s packaging)
  • The seller’s (not Amazon’s) responsiveness to any problems or issues you may have had
  • How easy the seller is/was to work with
  • How quickly the item arrived
  • How easy the item was to open
Your seller feedback can be your experience with the product’s packaging (not how amazon shipped it), how you feel about their response to any problems you had, how easy they were to work with, stuff like that. It is not part of the product review, and should not pertain to things that may have been Amazon’s fault. There is a whole different section for you to rate the shipping packaging that amazon used to get the item from their warehouse to your house.
Seller feedback uses a 5-star rating system. 1 star is of course very bad and 5 is fabulous. We do not have star rating rules in this group. We do however expect that our reviewers be fair and honest. If you did not contact the seller, then don’t give seller feedback that says you contacted them and that they were unresponsive…because that of course would be a lie, and we do not support dishonest reviews, feedback, or other sorts of behavior.

Honest Dragon’s Review of the iLoveCos Blending Makeup Brush Set

These things are absolutely fantastic! (Highly Recommended)

To be perfectly honest, I do not know how to use these properly….as in, I don’t know how to blend and do all that fancy stuff. I got them because I thought that they may come in handy for eye shadow purposes. Eye shadow is the only makeup I have an understanding of how to use. Anyways, the most amazing thing happened when I got them, my best friend had some family visiting. One of those visitors just so happens to be in beauty school. She took a look at this set and said she was surprised that a person like myself (the makeup stupid) would spend so much on something I don’t know how to use. I asked her how much she thought I spent….and she said that the quality of these was so high that she can’t imagine I would have spent less than $50 for the set! I had to tell her that the regular price for them is $8.99 and she insisted on getting the link…so I think she’s going to buy some. She said that she’s never seen anything of this quality priced so low. We played with them and used them on me like they are supposed to be used….apparently I do NOT look right without freckles on my face. I gave her the blendy sponge because she didn’t give me much of a choice…she was not letting that thing go, and the other brush thingy, but left me with the ones that will be useful for my eyeshadow purposes. These brushes are well worth the regular price of $8.99 and I think that they would be good for anyone who knows how to do the contour thing and how to use makeup better than I do.

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Honest Dragon’s Review of Blackhead Extractors by EnGive

Precision Kit of Torture Devices to Eliminate your Zits (Highly Recommended)

When I initially opened the package, I immediately identified this as a collection of torture devices for the skin. I was immediately drawn to the pokey device. That looks like a handy tool for stabbing one’s enemies in the eye. On a more civilized note, I wondered why there were miniature melon ballers and multiple wire loopy things for the purpose of popping pimples. I consulted with a puss-obsessed friend who advised me each type of tool is useful for attacking different types of blemishes. The loopy ones are great for scraping the clogged oil out of the corners of one’s nose. The melon ballers are good for pressing down on traditional blackheads. The stabby tool is best for releasing the pressure from boils or serious whiteheads that are just not letting go on their own. I am a hands-on person when it comes to clearing my own pores. There is nearly nothing I can’t squeeze out with my extremely sharp fingernails. If worse comes to worst, I can always whip out just one of my pocket knives. For those who prefer a more civilized and arguably safer approach to ridding their skin of imperfections, this Is a really handy kit. I can see a time in the future when a particularly difficult blemish may require one of these special tools. When that time comes, I will have these at the ready.

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Tips to Help You Avoid Being Wiped by Amazon

Following these tips can only help, but they are sadly not a proven method, as people who follow Amazon TOS are still wiped on a regular basis. This is merely a guide that can help.

*Originally Published February 14, 2016, if you would like to publish this article on your blog, please ask permission, give credit, and link to my blog or group.*

Tips to help you avoid being wiped…. but first, what to do if you do get wiped! If you get wiped you need to tell the admins of all the groups you are in. Also keep in mind that Amazon sometimes has glitches. All of my reviews were gone overnight and I thought I had been wiped about 2-3 weeks ago. I chose not to panic and check it in the morning (afternoon) and they were all back…that was the most recent glitch and the quickest resolved.
As far as I can tell from what I have seen and heard from others, there are now TWO different forms of being wiped. The first is the classic wipe where you lose your entire account. This includes all of your reviews, your ability to review, and your ability to buy things on Amazon. If you get wiped in this way, you will receive a prorated refund for the months of Prime that you paid for but did not get to use. The second is the new wipe…where you lose every review you have ever written, the ability to review anything else, but keep the ability to buy things and use your other prime benefits. I believe that they came up with this second one to avoid having to give prorated refunds to all the people they were wiping.
If you do get wiped and you truly did NOT break any of Amazon’s rules or guidelines, you can appeal it. Send Amazon an email at: or call them at (206)266-1100. You will get an operator, so ask for escalated customer care. They will be able to tell you if it’s a real wipe or a glitch. Make sure that you are able to tell them their own review policy…they do not all know the REAL review policy as it is written in their guidelines. They will try to say that ONLY Amazon Vine reviewers can leave product reviews on items that they got for free or at a discount, make sure you have the following link ready and highlight to them the exception to the rule. (They really are targeting reviewers who are not on Vine, even though they have a rule that allows us to do promo reviews.)
When all is said and done, you will either get your account back, or you won’t. If you can’t get your account back, you can copy and paste many of your reviews to a new account if you have been saving copies of them. Just add photos and proper disclosures to show that they are legitimate and real to customers who are reading them. Amazon has told people who can’t get their accounts back that they are welcome to create new accounts. If you have to create a new one, it is suggested that you use a different email address and different credit/debit card on your new account.
Now, here are some tips on reviewing and tips to avoid being wiped!

  1. Only order from your home computer or your own mobile devices. DO NOT ORDER A PROMO ITEM AT A FRIEND’S HOUSE!!! The same goes for posting reviews. If you are using a mobile device, use your home wifi or mobile data only. This is a “great” way to get flagged by amazon and wiped. If you use a VPN at home….turn it off before you order/post a review, then back on after you are done.
  2. Make sure that you are using the proper disclosure/disclaimer on ALL of your promo reviews. If you get it free, say it was free. If it was a discount, say it was a discount. Please read the post about the importance of the disclosure for more detailed info on this.
  3. Don’t just use your Prime account to get and review promo items. Buy stuff that’s on sale, buy other things you want. There are a lot of things that are cheaper on Amazon than elsewhere.
  4. Save copies of your reviews! While saving the emails can be beneficial, they don’t show the pictures and often don’t show the entire review. If you have Word and space on your computer, save them in word docs. I also write them up in word and then copy and paste my review including the pictures into the same doc and save it on my computer.
  5. The ideal length for written reviews is between 75 and 500 words *not including the disclosure* and you are limited to 5,000 words.
  6. I have given bad advice in the past about seller and shipping experience…so listen to amazon, not me. You should not put info in your review that is not about the product. It can’t include feedback about the seller, shipment experience, or packaging details.
  7. Only write reviews and give star ratings that are honest and true to your personal experience. You are NOT going to absolutely love every item. If all of your reviews are 4 and 5 stars, some day Amazon is going to notice. If you absolutely hate something, your review should reflect that. If it’s just ok, it should reflect that. *This is why I absolutely hate the 4+ star review rules that nearly all other groups have. I feel like it puts pressure on the reviewer to write reviews that may be more positive than they feel an item deserves. Honest Dragon Reviews does NOT have this rule. We did for a little while at the urging of an admin that is no longer with the group. The admin team of Honest Dragon Reviews wants you to write honest reviews ONLY, with no pressure from us on the type of review that you write. **We do want to know if you receive a defective or damaged item so that we can ask the seller to send you a replacement ASAP.
  8. Your reviews should include the reasons you like or dislike a product. Don’t just say that you love or hate it, tell the readers WHY you love it or hate it. Also, be specific on how it looks, feels, smells. Compare it to other like items, compare it to the product’s description.

Do you think I need to add something here? Let me know and I will seriously consider it!

Do you have too many review items?

As reviewers we see loads of promos for nearly identical items all the time. The items are almost the same, but have different sellers and are made by different people. Our homes can only use a certain number of reflective vests, essential oils, pillows, and well, you get the point.
Now, technically you can sell promo items (USED ONLY) online…however, we do NOT allow that in this group. In fact, even if you didn’t get it from this group, we’ll still kick you out for it. Product testing is not about turning around and making money off the sellers…it’s about helping people. We are helping the sellers get their businesses going. We are helping our families have things that we may not otherwise be able to afford.
Next time you see something that you already have and like, instead of skipping it…if you have whatever the small price of the item is to spare, help out and opt in anyways.
After testing it out for review and making sure it’s good quality, DONATE IT!!! No matter where you are there is an agency that could really use it. You probably have friends and family members that could use it…there is always someone out there who is really struggling, and could really use it. So, give it away instead. You will be helping people, and chances are that you’ll end up feeling pretty awesome about it.


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