As reviewers we see loads of promos for nearly identical items all the time. The items are almost the same, but have different sellers and are made by different people. Our homes can only use a certain number of reflective vests, essential oils, pillows, and well, you get the point.
Now, technically you can sell promo items (USED ONLY) online…however, we do NOT allow that in this group. In fact, even if you didn’t get it from this group, we’ll still kick you out for it. Product testing is not about turning around and making money off the sellers…it’s about helping people. We are helping the sellers get their businesses going. We are helping our families have things that we may not otherwise be able to afford.
Next time you see something that you already have and like, instead of skipping it…if you have whatever the small price of the item is to spare, help out and opt in anyways.
After testing it out for review and making sure it’s good quality, DONATE IT!!! No matter where you are there is an agency that could really use it. You probably have friends and family members that could use it…there is always someone out there who is really struggling, and could really use it. So, give it away instead. You will be helping people, and chances are that you’ll end up feeling pretty awesome about it.