Precision Kit of Torture Devices to Eliminate your Zits (Highly Recommended)

When I initially opened the package, I immediately identified this as a collection of torture devices for the skin. I was immediately drawn to the pokey device. That looks like a handy tool for stabbing one’s enemies in the eye. On a more civilized note, I wondered why there were miniature melon ballers and multiple wire loopy things for the purpose of popping pimples. I consulted with a puss-obsessed friend who advised me each type of tool is useful for attacking different types of blemishes. The loopy ones are great for scraping the clogged oil out of the corners of one’s nose. The melon ballers are good for pressing down on traditional blackheads. The stabby tool is best for releasing the pressure from boils or serious whiteheads that are just not letting go on their own. I am a hands-on person when it comes to clearing my own pores. There is nearly nothing I can’t squeeze out with my extremely sharp fingernails. If worse comes to worst, I can always whip out just one of my pocket knives. For those who prefer a more civilized and arguably safer approach to ridding their skin of imperfections, this Is a really handy kit. I can see a time in the future when a particularly difficult blemish may require one of these special tools. When that time comes, I will have these at the ready.

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