These things are absolutely fantastic! (Highly Recommended)

To be perfectly honest, I do not know how to use these properly….as in, I don’t know how to blend and do all that fancy stuff. I got them because I thought that they may come in handy for eye shadow purposes. Eye shadow is the only makeup I have an understanding of how to use. Anyways, the most amazing thing happened when I got them, my best friend had some family visiting. One of those visitors just so happens to be in beauty school. She took a look at this set and said she was surprised that a person like myself (the makeup stupid) would spend so much on something I don’t know how to use. I asked her how much she thought I spent….and she said that the quality of these was so high that she can’t imagine I would have spent less than $50 for the set! I had to tell her that the regular price for them is $8.99 and she insisted on getting the link…so I think she’s going to buy some. She said that she’s never seen anything of this quality priced so low. We played with them and used them on me like they are supposed to be used….apparently I do NOT look right without freckles on my face. I gave her the blendy sponge because she didn’t give me much of a choice…she was not letting that thing go, and the other brush thingy, but left me with the ones that will be useful for my eyeshadow purposes. These brushes are well worth the regular price of $8.99 and I think that they would be good for anyone who knows how to do the contour thing and how to use makeup better than I do.

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