Does leaving seller feedback contribute to being wiped? Some say yes…and it’s scaring people. I’ve actually already written an article on seller feedback, what it can/should include, and what NOT to put in it. The purposes of it.
It has come to my attention that there are articles and email warnings going around claiming that leaving seller feedback on promo items “WILL” get you wiped.
The thing is that no one actually knows that. There are very few things that we know for SURE contribute to being wiped.
We know for sure that lying in your reviews can and will get you wiped. We know that making things sound even a little better than they are can get you wiped. We know that connecting your facebook to amazon and being friends with a bunch of sellers can trigger being flagged.
The reality is that everything else is theory. The admin team of Honest Dragon Reviews theorizes all the time, and we work based on our theories…just as every group does.
It is up to you, each and every one of you reviewers to theorize yourself. You need to study and read and understand things for yourself…and make up your own mind.
Are you in a group that requires you to write 4+ star reviews?
Have you given a review item more stars than you really think it deserves?
You have probably already done it at least once…nearly every reviewer has at one point or another. Move forward with integrity and honesty. Study…read for yourself. Do what you think is right. Participate in groups that have the same values that you have, and make up your own mind.
Here’s our article on Seller Feedback for more information on it: