Seller feedback is an important part of the reviewing process. Product reviews only go so far when it comes to making or breaking a seller. The feedback that sellers receive from customers is crucial to their ability to succeed. Honest Dragon Reviews is of course all about honesty. Please do not take this the wrong way and use our group as a place to bash products and sellers. Good sellers deserve good feedback!
Seller Feedback Can Include Details About:
  • The packaging of the product (Not how Amazon boxed it up to be sent to you, but the design of the seller’s packaging)
  • The seller’s (not Amazon’s) responsiveness to any problems or issues you may have had
  • How easy the seller is/was to work with
  • How quickly the item arrived
  • How easy the item was to open
Your seller feedback can be your experience with the product’s packaging (not how amazon shipped it), how you feel about their response to any problems you had, how easy they were to work with, stuff like that. It is not part of the product review, and should not pertain to things that may have been Amazon’s fault. There is a whole different section for you to rate the shipping packaging that amazon used to get the item from their warehouse to your house.
Seller feedback uses a 5-star rating system. 1 star is of course very bad and 5 is fabulous. We do not have star rating rules in this group. We do however expect that our reviewers be fair and honest. If you did not contact the seller, then don’t give seller feedback that says you contacted them and that they were unresponsive…because that of course would be a lie, and we do not support dishonest reviews, feedback, or other sorts of behavior.