So it has come to our attention that after our recent switch to forms there is some confusion surrounding opting in on promos. First let me start with why we switched.

  1. Privacy. Forms give you the opportunity to opt in without anyone except the admin knowing that you did.
  2. Keeping the group wall organized. The old way every time someone would comment on a post it would bump that post to the top of the page. This way we can better control what is seen first in the group.
  3. Ease of work. This is the biggest reason. Our group has more than doubled in size which is great. However that means the work load has doubled as well. The old method took quite a bit of time and management from multiple admins. The new method puts all the information we need into the same place making things run more smoothly and quickly. This means more promos from our current sellers and more time to pitch to new sellers.

So now that you know why we have switched let’s talk about what you can do to optimize your chances at being picked.

  • Fill out the form correctly. If you can’t complete the opt in form we can’t trust you to leave a quality review. Now I don’t mean spelling errors and such. I’m mean you didn’t use the correct opt in phrase or left a section blank
  • Do not be on the late list. (You will not be picked)
  • Friend Sonya Eden. Seriously here is the link to her profile:   If you are not friends with her then we can’t add you to the chat and give you a code.
  • Leave quality reviews. This does not mean 4-5 stars. It can be one star if that is what the product deserves. I’m talking about leaving 150+ words before disclaimer. Always leaving a disclaimer. Making sure to use proper grammar and correct punctuation.
  • Lastly the reviewing community has grown tremendously. Sellers are looking for more than just written reviews. People who opt in with extras and follow through will ALWAYS get priority. That’s just what it has come to if you want items free or largely discounted. **To clarify on social shares as an extras** it is for your own safety that you do not share your reviews to social media or have your Facebook profile linked to your Amazon. When opting in to do a social share this means making a Facebook post with the link to the product, not your review.

So I know that is a lot of information and we want everyone to have a great reviewing experience, so please comment with any questions we are here to help. I’m attaching a photof with an example of what we are looking for in a review. Things such as pros/cons and personal experiences make the review more helpful and relatable. Which is good for your rank too!